Election poll

In the run-up to the elections on the 6th May, we are asking all the candidates standing for election in Oldham to answer a simple question:

Many children are unable to get a place at their local state-funded school, because of their parent’s religion or lack of religious belief. Do you believe this is fair?

If you are standing in the elections, please email us with your answer. We will update this page with all responses received.

Response by the Green Party:

In answer to your simple question: we do not think it is fair.

Our Green Party policy is that no publicly funded school should select pupils on religious grounds. We agree that that the evidence is clear that admission criteria based on religious belief work against lower-income families.

Our Green Party policy is also that no publicly funded schools should be run by a faith-based organisation. We are opposed to the government policy of increasing the diversity of providers of schools through academies and free schools, faith schools, grammar and private schools. This has led to fragmentation of the school system, not tackled inequalities and seriously weakened local community accountability and involvement. The Green Party campaigns for schools to be brought back under local authority control with admissions policies that are as balanced and fair as possible in order to provide an equal opportunity for all young people.

You can see more details of the Green Party candidates on their website.